Curragh Coal Mine contract operations

Wesfarmers’ Curragh Mine, near the central Queensland town of Blackwater, is one of Australia’s largest independent coal mines and produces around 8.5 million tonnes of export metallurgical coal and 3 million tonnes of domestic steaming coal every year.

Drawing on previous experience in 2010 to 2012 at Curragh, Golding recommenced operations at Curragh in 2014 under a new contract. Golding currently operates two fleets of haul trucks, moving overburden and coal. Golding provides prestrip, post strip and coal mining services.

Golding has established an operating methodology that is responsive to the dynamic production schedules that the client needs to optimise blend and volume requirements. To minimise costs Golding and Curragh work collaboratively,sharing resources for the benefit of the mine.

To achieve best for project outcomes, equipment used on the contract is a mix of Golding and Curragh owned assets supplemented with hire equipment as required. All equipment is operated and maintained by Golding. In accordance with requirements Golding has maintained continuous operations to a varied production schedule over the last two years between 22MBCM to 10MBCM annualised rates.

The success of the operations has been a result of an emphasis on mine and operational planning and exceptional equipment utilisation resulting from diligent operational management.