Vision & Values

Our Mission

We assemble and support capable project teams, that deliver value with certainty, for clients wanting land development, civil infrastructure and mining or related services in eastern Australia.

Our Vision

Excellent and Improving, against every Measure

Excellent and Improving” was the favourite response of our founder, Cyril Golding when asked “How are you going?”. This phrase helped define the positive outlook he carried always.

Cyril’s positivity, and belief that things could always be better, remains deep in the makeup of Golding.  At Golding, we strive for excellence in everything we do. We acknowledge that even if we can achieve excellence today, this does not guarantee excellence tomorrow. Excellence is a moving benchmark, to be both attained and retained through improvement.

Excellence will be judged by others, but Improvement will be measured by us.

Our Vision is one where we achieve and sustain excellence against every important performance measure through a culture of continuous improvement.

Our Vision statement offers a nod to the past. Importantly, it commits us to achieving and sustaining excellence through ongoing improvement and learning into the future. It also focuses us on the critical importance of sustained measurement over time in generating that improvement.

We believe that if we always strive to be “Excellent and Improving”, then success will follow.

Our Values

Our Values help define the way we work in Golding.  They underpin required behaviour and provide guidance for all our actions and decisions particularly when confronting difficult, confusing, or complex decisions.

Drive Productivity

We use our resources and time efficiently, always looking for opportunities to improve processes and minimise waste. We measure to improve and collaborate positively with others to devise and apply the best solutions.

Earn Trust

We act with integrity, are honest and fair in our dealings and deliver on our commitments. We take pride in quality and stake our personal and professional reputations on the excellence of our work.

Create Opportunity

We act to create opportunity. We think big, plan meticulously, innovate, make considered choices, and manage risk. With opportunity for Golding comes opportunity for each of us.

Keep Learning

We seek to be better by building capability, as a company and as individuals. We identify and engage in formal and informal learning opportunities, building knowledge and skills, growing as individuals and as teams.

Show Care

We place safety above all else. We minimise our environmental impact and operate respectfully as a guest in our communities. We show courage. We treat each other with respect.