Ipswich Boonah Road

The Ipswich Boonah Road provides the main link from the Cunningham Highway at Ipswich to Beaudesert and the Mount Lindsay Highway. It is a two-lane, two-way, bitumen-sealed, 10m-wide (average), single-carriageway, undivided rural road. The road carries more than 5,700 vehicles per day with more than 12% being heavy vehicles. The road was damaged in the floods of 2011 which resulted in surface loss, rutting, shoving, pot-holing, and flushing. Temporary repairs were made and then more permanent repairs were required.

Golding was engaged to undertake the $7.2m design and construct project which entailed repairs to approximately 6.8km of the Ipswich Boonah Road between chainages 13.56 and 38.5 at nine different locations.

Golding completed the works six weeks ahead of the contractual date for completion. This was achieved by increasing staffing levels, working six-day weeks, and mobilising a second pavement stabilising team very early in the project. The early completion provided cost savings for the client and ensured that work would not continue into the wet season: a best-for-project outcome.

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