Supply terms

Attention Baralaba vendors

Please send Tax Invoices to accounts@golding.com.au and admin.bar@golding.com.au.

Tax Invoices must (1) be addressed to Golding Contractors Pty Ltd; (2) contain a valid PO number and a valid Tax Invoice number; (3) include the bank account notified to Golding; (4) identify GST separately; (5) attach a copy of Golding’s acceptance of the goods and/or services; and (6) be calculated using the rates and prices set out in the PO Particulars.

Tax Invoices that do not comply with the above requirements will be deemed invalid and will be returned to the vendor.

All Baralaba Purchase Orders are governed by the Baralaba PO Terms and Conditions available here and the PO Particulars provided by Golding to each Baralaba vendor.