Golding Projects - Toolooa Reservoir.

Goldings Contractors Projects - Toolooa Reservoir

Mining Services

BMA Blackwater Coal Mine 

In July 2009, Golding was awarded a 3 year contract for pre-strip and coal uncovery services at the Blackwater mine.  Golding's scope has been progressively upgraded to a current annualised production rate of 40M bcm per annum based on the operation of 6 pre-strip fleets.  Golding was initially requested by BMA to undertake an 8-month contract at BMA Blackwater following safe production achievements at the BMA Gregory Coal Mine.

BMA Gregory Coal Mine

Golding has a 2 year contract for prestrip removal and coal mining at the Gregory mine.  This extends Golding's time on site to 11 years.  Golding runs 3 prestrip fleets, a coal fleet and stripping dozers to remove approximately 15M bcm per annum.

Wesfarmers Curragh Coal Mine

Golding commenced operations at Curragh near the central Queensland town of Blackwater, in January 2010 with an 11 month contract to mine overburden and coal from a challenging new box cut area in Curragh North, using a Komatsu PC4000 and PC3000 excavator. During completion of this contract, Golding was awarded a subsequent 42 month contract to mine overburden material in Curragh East utilising a new Hitachi EX5500, Komatsu PC4000 and PC3000 moving in the order of 18Mbcm per annum.

CS Energy Kogan Creek Coal Mine

The Kogan Creek Mine, situated on the edge of the Surat Basin outside Chinchilla, provides the coal necessary to fuel the adjacent Kogan Creek Power Station. Golding developed both the Mine, and constructed the Mine infrastructure area, from a green field site and has a 10 year contract to mine the thin seam deposit to a suitable quality for power generation. The predominately local workforce operate three excavator fleets (EX1900 and EX1800's) and two loader fleets (WA900) to remove the overburden and mine the multiple seams. Golding also holds statutory (SSE) responsibility for the site.

Evolution Mining Mt Rawdon Gold Mine

Golding has had a long relationship with Mount Rawdon Mine across a number of clients dating back to 2001. From this point Golding has provided a full contract mining service for the removal of waste and delivery of ore to the crushing plant, as well as the initial construction and then maintenance of the site's tailings dams. Similar to Golding's operation in the Surat Basin, the workforce is predominately local and operate 2 excavator fleets (PC3000 and EX1900) working on a continuous 7 day roster moving in the order of 7.2Mbcm per annum. Golding also supports local community through sponsorship for events like the Mount Perry truck pull which raises money for youth suicide prevention in the region.

Phosphate Hill Phosphate Mine

Golding commenced a 5 year contract for waste and ore mining, gypsum handling, and fertiliser shed operation in 2009 at this remote North West Queensland mine. Golding has again returned to the site after successfully completing a 5 year mining contract in 2003. Site operates three excavator fleets (EX1900 and EX1200's) on a continuous day shift roster with operators working a FIFO from the coastal city of Townsville.

Ensham Coal Mine

Golding had a long and successful association with Ensham Mine spanning almost 15 years. The first Golding site activities commenced in 1994 with initial construction of mine infrastructure works followed by the provision of full contract mining service that included topsoil removal, overburden removal, dozer stripping and reclamation works. In 2005 the pre-strip requirement peaked and Golding operated eight excavator fleets and a dozer stripping fleet moving in the order of 60Mbcm / annum.

Ensham Flood Recovery

In July 2008 Golding undertook a contract with Ensham Mine to remove up to 5Mbcm of mud and sediments from the mine pits inundated in the devastating floods of January 2008. The scope of the work included a fleet of small excavators loading both articulated and mechanical drive dump trucks of all sediment material and to return the pit areas to a state acceptable for large scale conventional strip mining.

Bajool Marble Mine

Golding mined white calcite for OMYA Australia Pty Limited at its Bajool Mine near Rockhampton on the central Queensland coast from 2001 to 2009. Work involved mining of waste and ore for crushing.